MURRAY HILTON | photography

Sydney photographer Murray Hilton’s latest body of work makes a nostalgic nod to Australia in the 1960′s, evoking memories of the joy of summer and family occasion

Based in Bondi, Hilton studied fine art and printmaking, and has exhibited photographic mixed media since 1992 in 13 solo shows, a fine art background infused by more than two decades of working as a commercial photographer.


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‘KODAK RETINA is a small suite of edited family photographs shot in different locations by my father Dr. Bill Hilton from 1963-69.

A tribute to the endearing palette of 1960′s kodachrome & the unique childhood I enjoyed growing up in rural Queensland during this era.

My motivation for this body of work comes not from ego but from fond memories of freedom and youthful enthusiasm. As author & subject I have edited these images with care as I remember the moments to be.’