ANDREW SIMPSON | product designer

ANDREW SIMPSON‘s creative practice spans product and object design, creative direction, curation and experimental design installations – founding his industrial design studio VERT Design in 2005.

With a reputation for simple elegant products that combine a designer’s eye for form Andrew’s application of detail and process is underpinned by a practical knowledge of manufacturing.

After working with glassblowers for several years prior to forming VERT – Simpson is considered by many to be the go-to person in Australia when it comes to innovative glass techniques!

SOLAR VASE debuted at Milan Design Week 2012 with SuperCyclers SOS at Ventura Lambrate; and whilst the sleek, elegant design is made from recycled post-industrial solar glass sheeting.

“The solar sheeting is a very fine, clear glass, made from white sand mined off the west coast of Tasmania. To compensate for its lack of workability, we added a set of chemicals that made the design possible.

I feel strongly about the fact that using waste and recycled products doesn’t have to translate into bland design. It’s possible to create pieces that can stand on their own as beautiful objects.”


The new body of glassworks meld old and new techniques – created by fusing traditional Italian glassmaking with 21C technology – the vessels embrace industrial process using the Venetian Incalmo technique that melds two separately pieces of blow glass unifying them as a single object.

Driven by a desire to create work that is beautiful to look at, use and hold, Andrew maintains an interest in the human side of design and deep respect for the planet to ensure his designs connect with people and diminish environmental impact. //



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