Shareen Joel Design / SHARE DESIGN

Interior architect / industrial designer SHAREEN JOEL founded her Melbourne-based design practice Shareen Joel Design in 2003.

Engaged by SJD in 2010 to undertake marketing and business development, AMS was instrumental in establishing Shareen Joel’s profile as a leading Australian contemporary designer, securing editorial coverage in Inside OUTHABITUS, and BELLE.

AMS ensured Shareen formed part of industry initiatives, and she joined the judging panel for INDESIGN Launch Pad 2010; Designer Rugs EVOLVE 2011; and Belle Magazine Interior Designer of the Year 2013.

In collaboration with Shareen, AMS undertook foundation research for SHARE DESIGN, an online platform that enables users to curate their own selection of contemporary design products, finishes and accessories.

Anne-Maree Sargeant contributes to the SHARE DESIGN Blog, reporting annually from Milan Design Week and the London Design Festival; and continues to consult to SJD on a variety of business development initiatives.

‘I have worked with AMS / SNAP for over 6 years – initially engaging AMS to strategically raise the profile of the Shareen Joel Design practice, and the professional relationship extended to include foundation work for what has become my online platform SHARE DESIGN. 

AMS is a forward/strategic thinker who is on the pulse of trends, and brings the strength of her industry connectivity to the table – always enthusiastic, dedicated and loyal!

We have worked closely across many projects, and I look forward to our ongoing collaboration.’




SHARE DESIGN Milan 2013 Euroluce highlights by AMS

SHARE DESIGN designEX NEST13 curated by AMS